The iconic Peaks of the Kachina Wilderness tower over the mountain town of Flagstaff. The San Francisco Peaks define northern Arizona.

Grand Canyon

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Inspiration to millions of visitors. Adventure & Explore, Preserve & Protect the geological grandeur.


The famous red rocks of Sedona see millions of annual visitors from hikers and mountain bikers to New Age spiritual seekers of the infamous vortexes energies.

Protect the East Rim

The Navajo Group "Save The Confluence" strongly opposes development on the East Rim of the Grand Canyon where the Colorado river and little Colorado join.

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Learn More!

Learn about how a community powered solar project was recently funded and how you can get involved !!!

Simpler than ever

Locally Grown

Support our healthy and sustainable local agriculture. From our local farms to the Sedona farmers market, the Flagstaff farmers markets and our natural marketplaces…Support locally grown agriculture, farmers and businesses.


Local Fine Dining

Northern Arizona is home to some of outstanding culinary experiences . From white table cloth to comfort foods to the locals favorite must have eats. Support our local independent restaurants ! The Best of Northern Arizona Dining Guide Coming Soon


Local Craft Breweries

The Flagstaff-Sedona area has one of the highest concentrations of craft breweries per capita anywhere.  Support our independent micro breweries and grab a pint and get the word out on our award winnng brews. Coming Soon 

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Local Music Scene

From our diverse local musicians to the national touring acts that pass through Northern Arizona we are lucky to have a vibrant music scene.  Live Music is good for you and the local economy. Go See Live Music! Northern Arizona Music Calendar Coming Soon  

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Local Health & Wellness

From traditional medicine & doctors to preventive medicine & exercise to more holistic wellness techniques and practitioners. Coming Soon the Northern Arizona Wellness Co-Operative   

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Local Trails

From Hiking Weatherford or the Kaibab or Mountain Biking Little Bear or Broken Arrow we are blessed to have some of the best and extensive trail network anywhere. Coming Soon our Locals Trail Guide. 


Local Adventures

The High Country offers unique adventures for the newbie to the hard core adrenaline junkie.  Support or local adventure guides and get out and book your next adventure. Coming Soon The Local Adventure Network


Local Arts Scene

The magnificent landscapes of Northern Arizona has attracted artists and creatives for generations. Support our vibrant cultural and art scene!   



Simpler than ever

Spend Local

 By buying your goods and services at independently owned businesses you are keeping more money in our local economy, this has the greatest economic multiplier effect by keeping your money circulating in our local Northern Arizona  economies.


Bank Local

In addition to getting a better deal and more personal service at a local community bank or credit union, you’re helping out our community.  


Invest Local

New finance and investment vehicles are being developed to invest in local businesses and sustainable real estate & development projects. 

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Local Brands

Northern Arizona is home to many national brand name products.  As a community we need to support our local brands as they support and promote our community as a whole with great products.

Northern Arizona Kids

Local Kids

Our children are our future,  support music for our kids in our communities.Coming Soon Our kids events calendars, from science to the arts to our environment to after school classes and programs.  


Local Sustainability

The communities of Northern Arizona have an opportunity to be a model of sustainability on a state, national and international basis. Together we can make our communities the Green standard other communities model.


Local Tribes

The Navajo, Hopi, Havasupai and other native tribes are the original northern Arizona locals. As a community we need to support our native American friends cultures and work together on sustainable economic development initiatives.

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Local Causes

Our Parks,  Housing, Environment, Water, & Poverty are just some of the many local causes that we need to support.  Together we can help raise awareness, raise funds and volunteer time for the numerous local non profits that are making a difference in our communities. We need your help! 

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